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We are Florida Commercial Marketplace

“Commercial Real Estate is a matter of knowledge and relationships. You build relationships, and bring value to your customer. It’s about knowing the Florida market and intensive research, really. “

Andy Moyssidis


We are FCM team.

Andreina ``Andy`` Moyssidis
Commercial Real Estate Sale Associate
Chris Moyssidis


We are moving boundaries.

Commercial Properties Portfolio Evaluation 95%
Broker's Opinion of Value 87%
Multi Family - Class A, B, & C Properties 80%
Retail Malls - Sale, Buy, Lease 86%
Retail Malls - Repositioning 80%

In order to provide such important services for our client’s portfolios, it is imperative that our skills match those needs.

In order to provide commercial properties portfolio evaluation, our agents stay on top of the market trends, and projections.

In order to provide accurate broker’s opinion of value, our agents maintain their tools up to date with current market trends, sales comparisons, underwriting reports and more.

In order to find the right properties for your portfolio, one must have dealt with such buildings. From the newest and latest class A buildings, to the class C buildings that become value add properties.

Need to sale, buy or lease your retail mall? We are members of ICSC, and have extensive client list to move your mall. It’s not an easy task to find the right long term tenants, let us do the heavy work for you.

Retail Malls – Repositioning is correct marketing to the surrounding community and bringing a positive impact to it. How is your mall doing?